Our Story

We’re a team of mini buccaneers*! In our pea green boat, we sail the many seas in search of the finest treasure. Argh gold you say? Nay say we. Rubies and diamonds? Not a patch on these. A most precious haul to protect your most precious haul - the ultimate children’s sun hats. We don’t want scrooge-some bucket hats, we want generous, shade-giving brims. We don’t want lazy hats lost to the wind, we want loyal and steadfast companions that stay put. And we don’t want to look boring! Give us a cheery hat to make someone smile. We’re only mini so we’re starting mini, with our favourite Toshi hats that we found in the land of ‘roos and galahs. We love wearing them and hope your favourite little people will too.


*we’re so mini that we’re actually just a one-mum band at present, but forgive me my creative licence and trust me that truly effective sun hats have been one of the things I’ve missed most since leaving Oz.